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About the introduction of metal soap

(1) tin soap stabilizer Fu soap is the best performance in the metal soap category, its advantage is also reflected in the absence of the initial coloring, colorless and transparent products can be obtained; excellent light stability; to prevent precipitation of adhesion . However, due to the toxic tin salts, there are stringent requirements on its manufacture and use in the Law on Labor Safety and Health. In recent years, the use of blessing soap has shown a downward trend.


(2) Zinc soap stabilizer Zinc stabilizer has very poor thermal stability to PVC. Zinc burning sample is rapidly blackened when heated, and the so-called "Zine burning" phenomenon occurs. However, it has the following advantages: Good initial coloration; Good fouling prevention; Improved weatherability; Many zinc soaps are approved as non-toxic stabilizers, so calcium soaps can be used in non-toxic formulations.


(3) Barium soap stabilizer Barium compounds have good thermal stability and good lubricity. However, when they are processed, their initial red coloration may easily cause the sticking phenomenon.


(4) calcium soap stabilizer poor stability, but the countries in the world recognized as non-toxic additives, with excellent lubricity.


(5) Other metal soap stabilizer Metallic soaps used in the industry are also magnesium stearate, stearic acid file, aluminum stearate, potassium stearate and the like, of which magnesium stearate is similar to calcium stearate and is available In contact with food materials; aluminum stearate and zinc stearate similar to the FDA and the Japan Food Industry Association, chlorethylene food approved for food packaging; stearic acid file, potassium stearate is also a non-toxic products, are lead salts , Tin soap and barium soap alternatives.