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Composite metal soap stabilizer

Composite metal soap stabilizer industry performance requirements for the stabilizer is multifaceted, and a single metal soap often can not meet the requirements, so the use of composite stabilizer has become a trend. The PVC industry rarely uses a single metal soap compound, and is usually a composite of several metal soaps.


This complex is not a simple addition of properties, but rather utilizes the synergy between the components. The composite metal soap stabilizer generally includes a stabilizer main body (ie, metal soap), a solvent (organic solvent, plasticizer, liquid nonmetal stabilizer and the like), functional auxiliaries (auxiliary stabilizer, transparent modifier, light stabilizer, Lubricant, etc.).


According to the morphology is divided into solid complexes and liquid complexes, according to the main components can be divided into calcium / zinc composite stabilizer, barium / Fu composite stabilizer, barium / zinc composite stabilizer. Among them, calcium / zinc composite stabilizers play a decisive role in replacing toxic metals because they are non-toxic.