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PVC Plasticizer Trioctyl trimellitate(Totm) CAS 3319-31-1

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Chemical name :Trioctyl trimellitate  
Trioctyl Trimellitate Tri(2-ethylhexyl)Trimellitate
CAS No.:3319-31-1

Relative Molecular mass:546.78
Molecular Formula: C33H54O6

Product specifications:

Parameter Unit Methods Specifications
Color,Pt-Co Hazen ASTM D1209 ≤40
Acid Value mgKOH/g ASTM D1045 ≤0.10
Density(20℃) g/cm³ ASTM D1298 0.990±0.003
Water content wt% ASTM E203 ≤0.05
Ester Content wt% GC ≥99.5
Heatingloss(125±3℃ ×3hrs) wt% JIS K6751 ≤0.15
Index of refraction (20℃) --- ASTM D1045 1.485±0.005
Volume resistivity(at 30℃) Ω.cm ASTM D1169 ≥3.0 ×1011 

TOTM, a heat-resistant and durable plasticizing agent, is applicable for various kinds of resins such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride copolymer, nitrocellulose, polymethyl methacrylate, etc. This product has good performance in volatility, water extraction resistance, migration resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical property. Its durability is comparable to that of poly plasticizing agent; its plasticizing efficiency and processability are similar to that of phthalic acid ester plasticizing agent; meanwhile it has also some characteristics of mono and poly plasticizing agents. It is mainly used for heat-resistant cables (105ºCclass), planks, sheets and seals that have heat-resistance and durability requirements.



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