Rare earth stabilizer

(1) Excellent thermal stability The thermal stability of rare earth stabilizers is superior to the traditional lead salts and barium / zinc, barium / pickaxe / zinc stabilizer. In some applications, rare earth stabilizers may partially or fully replace organotin.


(2) good transparency Refractive index of rare earth stabilizers and PVC resin is very close, instead of the traditional use of organic tin, for high transparency requirements of the product areas.


(3) excellent weathering properties of rare earth elements can absorb 230-320nm UV light, therefore, rare earth stabilizers have the role of anti-light aging, suitable for PVC corrugated board, window and other outdoor products.


(4) excellent electrical insulation properties Some rare earth multi-functional stabilizer can be used to replace the lead salt stabilizer for cable material formulations, its electrical insulation properties comparable with lead salts.