Organic antimony

(1) good stability at the same temperature organic antimony stabilizer has the same basic and organotin color stability and lower melt viscosity in the twin-screw extrusion process, especially when combined with calcium stearate .

(2) Lower-priced organic antimony stabilizers are much lower than methyltin or butyltin. In addition, the use of organic antimony is low, so using organic antimony gives better performance / price balance.


(3) Non-toxic products In the United States, the use of twin-screw extruder to manufacture PVC pipe, the use of antimony stabilizer and calcium stearate and other lubricant formulations made of PVC water pipe line with the United States NSF (National Sanitation Foundation ) Regulations.


(4) poor transparency and poor light stability of organic antimony organic antimony compounds than tin stabilizers, but also lower than the barium / Fu and calcium / zinc metal soap system, and lead salts close to light stability is also poor, so antimony stable The agent is used indoors without color requirements of products. Antimony stabilizers themselves also require storage in opaque containers.


(5) poor lubricity Antimony stabilizer lubricity is poor, therefore, its use without exception, with a large number of lubricants.