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Diisononyl Terephthalate (Dint) CAS 59802-05-0

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Diisononyl Terephthalate(Dint)
CAS NO.:59802-05-0

Product specifications:

Color - APHA 25 Max
Acid Value - mg KoH/g 0.05 Max
Ester Content - Wt% 99.5 Min
Water Content - Wt % <0.05 Max
Volume resistivity 30ºC Ω-cm 50×1011 Min
Specific Gravity 20/20ºC - 0.977±0.003 -
Refractive Index 25ºC - 1.484±0.003 -
Heating Loss 125ºC±3ºC×3hr Wt % 0.10 Max
Introduction: DINT is produced by esterifying Isononanal and Terephthalic Acid, it is a on-phthalate and environmetally friendly plasticizer; it is not listed among the chemiacl substances restricted by EU countries. DINT has low volatility, low migration, excellent electrical resistivity, cold resistance, and excellent heat resistance. DINT migrating rate of migrating is 35-40% lower than DOTP. DINT has low volatility and low fogging, which is used for automotive interior. Its excellent electric resistivity property and excellent heat resistance is also used for high-temperature grade wire and cable plastic products. Other plasticizers can be mixed with DINTto provide a more economical method to improve the processing properties of finished products.

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