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Trioctyl trimellitate(TOTM)

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Chemical name :Trioctyl trimellitate  Trioctyl Trimellitate Tri(2-ethylhexyl)Trimellitate
CAS No.:3319-31-1

Relative Molecular mass:546.78

Application Guide: 
1. TOTM is a kind of heat-resisting, durability-resisting plasticizer, suitable for PVC resins, nitrocellulose resins, PMMA resins, etc. 
2. This product behaves well in volatility resistance, extraction-resistance, transference resistance, low temp. resistance, high temp. resistance and electrical property. It has comparable durability with poly-plasticizer, close plasticizing efficiency and process-ability with PA plasticizer, also has some certain characteristics of haplotype-plasticizer and poly-plasticizer. 
3. High Volume resistivity makes it have better heat-resistance and thernostability than DOTP. It is mainly used in heat-resistance cable material(105 degree C. Grade), board, sealing gasket, etc.
Application example:  the sealing strips, electric wires and cables of refrigerator, disinfection cabinet

Product Standards: