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PVC Plasticizer Polymeric Plasticizer High Molecular Weight

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Polymeric Plasticizer
Chemical name:Adipate Polyester
Viscosity:2500~3500 cPS/25ºC

Product specifications:

Parameter Unit Methods Specifications
Color, Pt-Co Hazen ASTM D1209 ≤100
Acid Va lue : mgK0H/g ASTM D1045 ≤1.5
Density (20°C) g/cm3 ASTM D1298 1.040-1.070
Water content wt% ASTM E203 ≤0.1
Flash point °C GB 1671 ≥217
Ester Content wt% GC ≥99.5
viscosity (cps,25ºC) ASTM D1824 2500-3500
Introduction:Polyester plasticizers may be used in higher-performance applications due to its low volatility, chemical extraction-resistance, and excellent properties of non-migration against ABS and PS plastics. Basically, polyesters provide greater plasticizers permanence than monomers. They can often be blended together. This imparts the best attributes of both classes, resulting in optimal performance in the end-use applications.
Features:Primary plasticizer for PVC ;Higher-performance with Non-P ;Low volatility ;Oil extraction-resistance ;Non-migration with ABS/PS

Applications:Wires and cables ;Oil-resistant boots ;Solvent-resistant tubes or pipes ;Vinyl films & sheets ;Food contact products ;PU, NBR modifiers


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