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Plasticizer Tri (n-octyl, n-decyl) Trimellitate (TM810) CAS 90218-76-1

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Tri (n-octyl, n-decyl) Trimellitate(Tm810)
CAS No.:90218-76-1
Molecular Weight:547g/mol    575g/mol  603g/mol    631g/mol

Product specifications:

Characteristics  Unit  Value Test Method
Appearance - Limpid liquid Visua
Colour Pt-Co 70 max  ASTM D 1045-95
Acid Value  mgKOH/g 0.1max ASTM D 1045-95
Water Content % 0.05max ASTM E 1064-05
Heat Loss % 0.1max GB/T 1669-2001
Density(20ºC) g/ml 0.968-0.978 ASTM D 4052-96
Refractive Index(n20D   1.481-1.485 ASTM D 1045-95
Volume resistivity at 23ºC(23°C) Q*cm 2.5*10ii min GB 1672-88
Ester Content % 99.5min G C
2-EH Content  ppm 1000max G C
Total Contents of Phthalates ppm 1000max G C
TM810 is a special plasticizer with low volatility, low migration, good electronic resistance and good processability, aging and heat resistance. The processing conditions and gelling properties of TM810 are similar to TOTM, and the smoke emission during the processing is very low. The cold resistance of TM810 is obviously better than that of Totm, and the performance of heat resistance and aging characteristics is better than that of TOTM, it is suitable for the manufacture of outdoor wires, cables and automotive inner tape or high-performance accessories for inspection in cold regions or high latitudes.