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Diisononyl Adipate (Dina) Cold-Resistan Cas 33703-08-1

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Chemical name:Diisononyl Adipate(DINA)
Cas No.:33703-08-1

Einecs No:251-646-7
Molecular Formula:C24H46O4
Molecular Weight: 399 g/mol 
Product specifications:

Parameter Unit Methods Specifications
Color, Pt-Co Hazen GB/T 1 664. ≤30
Acid Va lue : mgK0H/g GB/T 1 668 ≤0. 05
Dens ity (20°C) g/cm3 GB/T 4472 0.918-0. 928
Water content wt% GB 11133 ≤0.1
Flash point °C GB 1671 ≥195
Ester Content wt% GC ≥99.0
Heat ingloss wt% GB/T 1669 ≤0.2
Index of refraction (20°C) --- GB 1657 1 446-1.452
Diisononyl Adipate(DINA) is a transparent liquid with high stability and soluble to most organic solvents. DINA is of intermiscibility with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a secondary plasticizing agent and a typical cold-resistant plasticizing agent. Compared to DOA, DINA is of equivalent cold-resistance and pliability, less smoke emission during processing, very small volatilization loss, and meets the environmental-protection requirements.