What is plasticizer?

Plasticizers, also known as plasticizers. Plasticizers are widely used in industrial polymer additives, in the plastic processing to add this material, can make its flexibility to enhance, easy processing, can be legally used for industrial purposes. China Taiwan manufacturers with a common plasticizer DEHP (after the detection of DINP, DNOP, DBP, DMP, DEP, etc.) instead of palm oil preparation of the clouds can also produce and emulsifier similar thickening effect. However, the industry pointed out that, DEHP, DINP and other plasticizers do not belong to food spices raw materials. Therefore, DEHP can not only be added to food, or even not allowed to use in food packaging.


"Sunflower" is a legitimate food additives, often used in fruit juice, jams, beverages and other food, by the Arabian gum, emulsifier, palm oil and a variety of food additives made of mixed.


Some plasticizers are similar in molecular structure to hormones, known as "environmental hormones", which are toxic chemicals from the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency. If long-term consumption may cause abnormal reproductive system, and even cause teratogenic, cancer risk.


Environmental hormones are foreign substances that interfere with the secretion of chemicals in the body. In the environment of trace amounts of such compounds, through the food chain into the body, the formation of pseudo-hormones, transmission of pseudo-chemical signals, and affect the body's hormonal content, and thus interfere with the original mechanism of endocrine, can cause endocrine disorders.