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Dipropylene glycol(DPG) CAS 110-98-5

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CAS NO :110-98-5


Weight:134 17

1) dipropylene glycol is the most ideal solvent for the application of many flavors and cosmetics.This ingredient has excellent water, oil and hydrocarbon solubility, and slight odor, little skin irritation and low toxicity.Isomers are uniformly distributed and of excellent quality.

2) dipropylene glycol can also be used as a coupling agent and a moisturizer in various cosmetic applications.In the field of perfume, the proportion of dipropylene glycol is more than 50%.In some other applications, the proportion of dipropylene glycol is generally less than 10% (by weight).Some specific product application areas include: hair curl fluid, skin cleanser (cold cream, body wash, body wash and skin lotion) deodorant, face, hand and body skin care products, moisturizing skin care products and lip balm, etc.

3) dipropylene glycol is also used in the production of unsaturated resins and saturated resins. The resins produced by dipropylene glycol have superior softness, crack resistance and weather resistance.The product has long - term resistance to yellow.

4) used as cellulose acetate;Cellulose nitrate;Shellac varnish;Castor oil solvent.Also can be used to make plasticizer, fumigant, synthetic detergent and so on.

  Iron drum packing, 215KG/ drum;Transportation by general chemicals;Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse.Stay away from fire and heat.Should be stored separately with oxidant, avoid mixed storage and transport.Should be equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment.The storage area should be equipped with emergency leakage treatment equipment and appropriate shelter materials.



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