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Auxiliary Stabilizers Auxiliary stabilizers

Auxiliary Stabilizers Auxiliary stabilizers, including phosphite vinegar, epoxidized soybean oil, hindered phenols, etc., rely mainly on a synergistic effect with metal stabilizers to enhance the stabilizing effect, commonly referred to as co-stabilizers.


However, the compounds such as NAC, 2-phenylpropanoid, pulse derivatives and swallowed dione can not only improve the effect of metal stabilizers but also stabilize them with metal stabilizers Class compounds are often referred to as pure organic stabilizers.


The development of PVC stabilizer to the present, the progress of metal stabilizer is relatively slow, and auxiliary stabilizer research and development of an unprecedented active, has formed a major trend in the field of PvC stabilizer. Auxiliary stabilizer seldom used alone, often with the main stabilizer used to improve the initial coloring, or to improve long-term stability.