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Pentaerythritol (Tech Grade)

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Product Name         Pentaerythritol (Tech Grade)

CAS No                115-77-5
Molecular Formula        C5H12O4
Molecular Weight         136.15
Introduction            A kind of organic polyatomic. It is part of white crystal powder solid without poison and odor, which is stable in air, and without water sucking. Melting point 260℃ polymerization, sublimation under pressure reduction, dissolved slightly in cold water but easily in hot water.Mixture of Pentaerythritol (115-77-5), Di-pentaerythritol (126-58-9), Tri-pentaerythritol, Pentaerythritol, linear formal (6228-26-8).
Application             Alkyd resins, Radiation curing monomers, PVC stabilizers, Rosin esters, Synthetic lubricants, Fire-retardants.


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