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Potassium Zinc Stabilizer

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Description         Type                    K/Zn kicker and stabiliser

Appearance        liquid
Performance /
Application           BAEROSTAB KK 472 is a kicker system free of heavy metal. It is very effective as an activator and thermo-stabilizer for the manufacture of foam PVC using azodicarbonamide as the blowing agent.
The high foam yield and good resilience of the finished products should be noted. By using BAEROSTAB KK 472 in the manufacture of foam plastisols with an initial temperature of 160oC, fast and even evolution of gas may be achieved.
It is superior to comparable Cd-based activators. It is resistant to sulphur, low in odour and suitable for production of foamed PVC with specific weights as low as 0.1g/ml.
The rheological properties remain virtually unchanged.
Dosage: 1.0 - 2.5 phr.
A combination with epoxy plasticiser like ESBO improves heat and light stability further.
Storage              Dry storage at room temperature is recommended. Once opened, packaging should be firmly


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