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The product description

Type: methyl mercaptan tin
Appearance: liquid
Color: transparent
Share: the largest 1.17 g/ml
Tin content: the lowest 17%
BAEROSTAB MTS 1093 is a type of economy liquid methyl mercaptan ester, meet the eu regulations for hard PVC food packaging stabilizers on the composition and purity requirements.
BAEROSTAB MTS 1093 is suitable for packing bottle blowing process and control of thermal stability of the injection molding process requirements.
BAEROSTAB MTS 1093 can provide good initial color and color retention.Under the condition of certain applications and formula, it can provide better stability than the octyl tin mercaptan performance.
No smoothness, the product must be used with suitable lubricating agent.
BAEROSTAB MTS 1093 can be used in food packaging materials, the maximum allowance is 2 PHR.
Room temperature dry storage, packing once opened, please pay attention to timely seal preservation.


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