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UBZ 711-3 X RF

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Product Information BAEROSTAB UBZ 711-3 X RF
Description   Type Ba/Zn stabiliser Appearance Liquid
Performance /
Application  BAEROSTAB UBZ 711-3 X RF is a low-phenol barium-zinc stabiliser for the production of flexible and semi-rigid calendered film and sheeting. It is butylbenzoic acid-free, ethylhexanoic acid- free and nonylphenol-free.
BAEROSTAB UBZ 711-3 X RF ensures good dynamic and static heat stability, good light resistance, good initial colour and plate- out-free processing.
BAEROSTAB UBZ 711-3 X RF also suits plastisol applications.
BAEROSTAB UBZ 711-3 X RF displays excellent sulphide stain resistance.
Recommended dosage : 2.0 - 3.5 phr.
Addition of 2 - 3 phr of the epoxy plasticiser BAEROSTAB LSA enhances heat and light stability.
Storage  Dry storage at normal temperature is recommended. Once opened packaging should be firmly closed.


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