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UBZ 293 TR

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Description      Type      BaZn   stabiliser
                            Appearance       liquid
Performance /
Application       BAEROSTAB UBZ 293 TR is an efficient BaZn stabiliser for the manufacture of semi-rigid and flexible, transparent and pigmented calendered film and sheeting.
BAEROSTAB UBZ 293 TR ensures good dynamic and static thermostability, good light resistance, good initial colour and plate-out-free processing.
Film and sheeting stabilised with BAEROSTAB UBZ 293 TR exhibit very good printability and weldability. BAEROSTAB UBZ 293 TR displays excellent sulphide stain resistance.
Dosage range: 2.0 - 4.0 phr.
A combination with epoxy plasticiser like ESBO improves heat and light stability further.
A material safety data sheet for the safe handling of this product is available on request.
Storage          Storage at room temperature is recommended. Liquid products may be affected by moisture  and containers should be kept tightly closed.



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