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BCR 194

    Category: 1639101



Type    BaCdZn    stabiliser

Appearance         liquid

BAEROSTAB BCR 194 is an economic all-round BaCdZn stabiliser and features good heat and light stability, excellent colour and transparency.

BAEROSTAB BCR 194 is suitable for all types of processing, especially for calendering and extrusion of plasticised and semi-rigid PVC.
Dosage range: 2.0 - 4.0 phr.
A combination with epoxy plasticiser like ESBO improves heat and light stability further.
BAEROSTAB BCR 194 may not be used in the manufacture of food contacted materials.
A material safety data sheet for the safe handling of this product is available on request.
Storage:Storage at room temperature is recommended. Liquid products may be affected by moisture

and containers should be kept tightly closed.


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