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Characteristics and application:
* BAEROSTAB NT 333 RF is a non-toxic liquid calcium zinc stabilizer, applies to evade glue or plastisol jinsu processing, main purpose is the production of evade glue toys, dip molding products and washer etc.
* BAEROSTAB NT 333 RF can also be used in the production of conveyor belt.
* BAEROSTAB NT 333 RF showed good compatibility with plastisol, excellent process stability and excellent demoulding performance.
* BAEROSTAB NT 333 RF must not contain TNPP, and showed very good resistance to sulfide pollution.
* recommended usage: 2 PHR.
* with BAEROSTAB LSA (ESOl) used can improve the thermal stability and light stability of the system.
* BAEROSTAB NT 333 RF in many countries have been approved for food contact applications.
* according to customer's requirements,BAERLOCHER product safety department will issue a corresponding latest statement.
Stored at room temperature.Liquid may be affected by the moisture, seal packing should be maintained at all times.