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NT 340 RF

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DescriptionType    Ca/Zn stabiliser
Appearance         liquid
BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF is a low odour non-toxic Ca/Zn stabiliser.
BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF has been developed for the extrusion of crystal clear and pigmented flexible PVC.
BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF is free from TNPP.
BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF offers in combination with epoxy plasticiser BAEROSTAB LSA (2 - 5 phr) excellent static and dynamic heat stability and plate-out-free processing.
The recommended dosage ranges from 1.3 to 2.0 phr, according to the application.
Depending on conditions, the self-lubricating properties of BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF can be backed-up by addition of some external lubricant.
Approval            BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF is approved for food contact applications in most countries.
Storage              Dry storage at normal temperature (15- 400C) is recommended. Once opened packaging should
be firmly closed.