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NT 170 PS

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Type                     Ca/Zn  stabiliser

Appearance           Paste
Performance Application BAEROSTAB NT 170 PS is a non-toxic Ca/Zn stabiliser in paste form, suggested for the following applications:as co-stabiliser and lubricant for the production of non-toxic calendered rigid films in combination with octyl tin mercaptides,
as stabiliser in the production of non-toxic flexible calendered films,
as stabiliser in the production of non-toxic plastisol (conveyor belts, sealants for closure, etc.).
Compared to conventional Ca/Zn pastes, BAEROSTAB NT 170 PS has a much lower viscosity, which facilitates utilisation.
Recom ded dosage:0.8-2phr.
Approval   BAEROSTAB NT 170 PS complies with the European Directive 2002/72 EC and with FDA Regulations and can be used as plastic material additive in the production of food-contact items.
Storage   Dry storage at normal temperature is recommended. Once opened packaging should be firmly