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CT 05 P

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Product Information  BAEROPAN CT 05 P

Description  Type Ca/Zn stabiliser
Appearance  White Powder
Performance / Application BAEROPAN CT 05 P is a highly effective stabiliser mainly designed for the production of calendered films and sheets, both flexible and semi-rigid, transparent and pigmented.
Further applications are extrusion, injection moulding and powder moulding.
In view of the good anti-fogging properties, BAEROPAN CT 05 P is also used in the car industry.
The recommended dosage ranges from 1.3 to 2.0 phr, according to the application.
Process stability and weatherability can be further improved by combining this stabiliser with the epoxy plasticiser BAEROSTAB LSA.
Storage  Dry storage at normal temperature is recommended. Once opened packaging should be firmly closed.