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MC 8763-10 CP

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Product Information  BAEROSTAB MC 8763-10 CP

Description  Type Ca/Zn stabiliser
Appearance Powder
Performance / Application BAEROSTAB MC 8763-10 CP is a highly efficient, non toxic stabiliser, developed particularly for the manufacture of plasticised film and sheeting, especially roofing sheets, further applications are extrusion and injection moulding of PVC- P articles.
MC 8763-10 CP provides at appropriate dosage levels excellent thermo stability, dehydrochlorination resistance and plate-out-free processing.
Because of its good low fogging properties, BAEROSTAB MC 8763-10 CP can also be used for automotive applications.
The recommended usage level may vary, depending up on application, between 1.0 - 3.0 phr.
Processing stability and weatherability may be improved synergistically by combining with epoxy plasticiser BAEROSTAB LSA.
Approval  Our department EH&S will prepare the actual certificate, if needed.


Once opened packaging should be firmly resealed.