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KY - 101.

PVC special modification agent (hereinafter referred to as: change agent)
Product synopsis:
KY - 101 function for PVC modifier, adjust the PVC rigid pipe or profile formula of the comprehensive performance of various additives;Improve resilient and filling amount (CaCO3), reduce cost, increase efficiency of modification agent.
USES and features:
1 excellent weather resistance and low temperature toughness, non-toxic health level.
2 excellent resistance to chemicals, organic solvent and oil resistance.
3 good aging resistance, flame resistance and electrical properties.
4 excellent high fill, and even added a large number of fillers, physical performance is still very good.
5 with saturated structure, which gives excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and other good flexing resistance, abrasion resistance.
6 when used in soft ware, KY - 101 for shearing within a high molecular weight plasticizers, can prevent the precipitation and has good low temperature toughness together, and can also replace the amount of plasticizer, etc.
Suggested use:
According to the requirements of a pipe or abnormal mixed with 2.5 ~ 3 PHR, mixed evenly, each 1 PHR can increase 10 ~ 15 PHR of filler.
(please use 45 ℃ cold mix, the effect is better) 
25 kg/bag


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