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KCZ - 58 product manuals
Product description:
KCZ - 58 is a kind of zinc powder calcium - non-toxic stabilizers, cooperate with the advanced internal and external slip agent and antioxidant and compound stabilizer, specially used for extrusion and injection molding transparent formula, such as: transparent hose, transparent plastic rain boots, special car floor mat and so on, can maintain product transparent, and tasteless.
Shape: no dust white powder
Weight: 1.05 g/ml
Melting point: 115 ℃
1 non-toxic tasteless, does not contain heavy metals (chromium - barium - lead), can prevent the sulfide pollution, manufactured goods has no smell.
2 have good initial color and thermal stability.
3 the transparency is superior.
4 can prevent discoloration.
Every 100 kilograms of PVC powder, injection: adding 0.8 1.0 PHR
Squeeze: adding 0.5 0.8 PHR

Package: 20 kg/PE bag


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