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Elastic flexibilizer KY - 66 specification
Introduction to the
KY - 66 toughening agent is a kind of elastic used in high elastic environment-friendly hybrid modifier of soft PVC products, can give excellent high elastic PVC products, transparency, Gao Liangguang, durability and weather resistance.Can be used together with the traditional plasticizer, according to the technical requirement or used alone, can achieve the required modification.
An advantage of using the flexibilizer KY - 66:
1 migration resistance extraction, make products more durable.
2 good low temperature resistance, can achieve under certain temperature conditions using normal plasticizer can keep flexibility, not easy embrittlement.
3 high elasticity, for soft products, has a greater tensile limit and good resilience.
4 good glossiness and antifouling performance, KY - 66 let products have better gloss, and the friction of the luster, prevent the occurrence of fog.
5 high transparency, good compatibility with PVC KY - 66, giving products of high transparency.And can accommodate more packing
6 plasticizing temperature reduction, for some technology and formula, can effectively reduce 5-10 ℃
7 superior processing thermal stability, not easy to turn yellow.
The use of KY - 66 range:
Durability of the wire and cable sheath;PVC swimming pool;Inflatable toys.Iv.Light box cloth;Building tent;In the tube;PVC protective boots, etc.;PVC floor MATS.
All can be used in PVC production process.
Product characteristics
Under normal temperature, high viscosity in cream gel, up to 65 ℃, can completely melt into fluid.
Glass transition temperature: - 50 ℃.
Hydrolytic stability (% hydrolyzed after 96 h) : 0.04
Thermal stability (205 ℃, 2 h), % Acid: 0.06
Decomposition temperature: 250 ℃


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