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Tri (n-octyl, n-decyl) Trimellitate (Tm810)

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Chemical name :Tri (n-octyl, n-decyl) Trimellitate  (Tm810)
CAS No.:90218-76-1
  • Other Names:TM810

  • Purity:99%

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Type:Plasticizer

  • Usage:

  • Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Rubber Auxiliary Agents

  • Model Number:

Chemical composition
Trimellitate based on a blend of n-octanol and n-decanol alcohols containing antioxidant TM810
CAS Registry Number CAS
Brief  Descriptions
TM 8-10 is an oily, limpid, anhydrous liquid, with a mild characteristic odor. t is soluble in common organic solvents, insoluble in water.
TM 8-10 tends to solidify at the temperature of approx. 00C. Nevertheless it melts by slight heating, without any quality problem.
The product TM 8-10 to its nature does not have a shelf life. However, it can be stored in appropriate containers at a temperature of approximately 25°C and the exclusion of humidity for at least 1 year, without losing its chemical properties. Nevertheless, re-testing of properties is recommended every 6 month from the production date.
For further information on the characteristics and properties of TM 8-10 in the liquid state, see the relevant EC-standard Materials Safety Data Sheet.
Characteristic and application of Trimellitates
Processability and efficiency
Comparable with those of many Phthalate plasticizers and better than most Polyester plasticizers.
•       Permanence at high temperatures and retention of mechanical properties.
Trimellitate plasticizers provide the same or even better performances than Polyester plasticizers.
•       Low temperature flexibility Unlike Polyester plasticizers, Trimellitate plasticizers provide good flexibility at low temperatures.
•       Permanence and compatibility Trimellitate plasticizers are more permanent than many other plasticizers. They are extremely resistant to extraction by aqueous soap and have an excellent compatibility under high humidity. The migration resistance in PVC compounds when in contact with a wide range of materials is much better than phthalates and other monomeric plasticizers and comparable to Polyester plasticizers.
Characteristics and Applications TM 8-10
TM 8-10 obtained by a blend of linear C8 and C10 alcohols, has been shown to be the Trimellitate plasticizer with the best combination of properties when formulated in PVC compounds. It provides excellent high temperature resistance while at the same time good low temperature flexibility.
Therefore TM 8-10 is widely used to prepare compounds for special electrical cables as it can satisfy the most severe requirements in this sector (BS 6746, VDE 0207, UL 62, CEI 20-11, etc.).
It is also used to produce “anti-fogging” vinyl coatings for car interiors; furthermore it can be used as a base stock for synthetic lubricating oils.