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Diisononyl cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate(DINCH)

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Chemical name :Diisononyl cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate
CAS NO.166412-78-8
Chinese name: cyclohexane 1, 2 - two formic acid two different nonyl ester

Molecular formula: C26H48O4
Dinch for PVC with good compatibility, excellent processing performance, low volatility, excellent low temperature performance, low temperature resistant performance is particularly prominent.No odor, non-toxic environmental protection.No mold/fungal growth, low mobility, toxicological characteristics of excellence.Can be used in toys, high-grade electrical appliances, food, etc.
When the granulation or plasticizing, dinch compatibility with PVC material is quite good.DINCH low viscosity, can be applied to specific injection mold, and even can be used in very precise and meticulous design, so as to prolong the cycle of plasticizing products.Hexamoll dinch plasticizing mobility of the final product is very low, can with ABS, SAN, PC resin material such as security, ensure that the product has a longer service life and excellent performance.
PVC: food plastic wrap, food sealing pad, sports leisure products, sealants, shower curtain, footwear, mat, water pipe, wire and cable, toys, food packaging, medical supplies and other sensitive soft PVC products, can be used in the production of toys to children under the age of three, can also be used for low odor automotive cables, medical nutrition tube, sticky film, household gloves, environmentally friendly indoor food contact wallpaper, decorative sheet, intravenous transfusion tube and the surgical patient.
Non - PVC: dispersant, printing ink, nail polish, glue, spices, etc
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