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Dioctyl adipate(DOA)

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Chemical name :Dioctyl adipate
CAS NO.103-23-1
Relative Molecular mass:371

Application Guide:
1.DOA is the typical cold-resistant plasticizers with high plasticizing efficiency. Its color changes slightly when heated. It is suitable for PVC, EVC, polystyrene and synthetic rubber resins.
2.It can make downstream products soft even at low temperature, having good light-resistance and hand-feeling.
3.It is usually been used with the main plasticizer DOP and DBP for the production of cold-resistant agricultural thin film, frozen foods packaging film, coating layer of wire and cable, artificial leather, board, outdoor water pipe, etc.
4.In the application of plasticized paste, could make the paste’s initial viscosity low and stable.
DOA’s high volatility makes it weak in waterproof, transference and insulation.
USA, France, Italy, Japan and Netherlands permit this product to be used in the foods packing materials.

Product Standards: