• Diisononyl phthalate

    OverviewSpecificationsClassification:Chemical Auxiliary AgentCAS No.:68515-48-0Other Names:Diisononyl phthalateMF:C26H42O4EINECS No.:271-090-9Purity:99%minPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)Type:an
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  • Dioctyl terephthalate

    Properties: this product is almost colorless, low viscosity liquid.Viscosity of 63 mpa. S (25 ℃), 5 mpa. S (100 ℃), 410 mpa. S (0 ℃).Freezing point - 48 ℃.Boiling point 383 ℃ (0.1 MPa), s (0 ℃).The ig
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  • Dioctyl Phthalate

    Colorless oily liquid, undissolvable in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, mineral oil etc. Most organic solvent. DOP is a kind of main plasticizers to be used widely, especially for vinyl resin. It ha
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  • What is plasticizer?

    Plasticizers, also known as plasticizers. Plasticizers are widely used in industrial polymer additives, in the plastic processing to add this material, can make its flexibility to enhance, easy proces
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  • Common types of plasticizers

    Common types of plasticizersspecies The plasticizer is classified from the chemical structure of aliphatic dibasic acid esters, phthalates (including phthalates, terephthalates), benzoic acid est
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  • Application of plasticizer

    Plasticizer is a large number of industrial products, widely used in various areas of the national economy, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, cellulose, resin, medical equipment, cables and other
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